Hi. My name is Natalie. I am learning about dolphins. Welcome to my page.

The Bottlenose Dolphin

The light blue-gray bottlenose dolphin
leaped out of the water
at Sea World in Florida
on Saturday afternoon
to entertain the people.

By Natalie P.


The Dolphin

By Natalie P

A dolphin is a pretty animal. It is a small whale. Dolphins are mammals. They are light gray on top. Their belly is lighter. dolphins may weigh as much as 1,430 pounds. Males are bigger than females. They are 8-12 feet long. Dolphins have 18-26 pairs of teeth. They have a blowhole to breathe but they cannot smell. They need to breathe air every 2 minutes. Dolphins are mammals.

Dolphins eat 15-30 pounds of food every day. They eat fish shrimp and squid. They use echolocation to find their food.

Dolphin predators are large sharks, killer whales and humans too. Sometimes they get caught in fishermen’s nets.

Dolphins live in salt water or fresh water.

Dolphin babies are born between February and May. The babies are called calves. The babies may stay with their mother at least 3-6 years.

Why is the ocean blue?
The ocean reflects the blue sky.

How many oceans are there in the world?
There is only one ocean in the world.

What are the main "oceans" called?

What is a sea?
A sea is like a little ocean with some land around it.

Why is the ocean salty?
The salt is from rock s and soil that has washed into the ocean.