My name is Grace. I am studying the harbor seal. Welcome to my page.

The Harbor Seal
The black and white spotted harbor seal
swam to the rocks to give birth
off the coast of California
in early spring
to give birth to her pups.

By Grace L.

Harbor Seals

by Grace L.
Harbor seals are white with black spots. They weigh up to 375 pounds. They can be up to 7 feet long. They have small flippers that they use for movement on land. They move by dragging themselves on their stomachs. All seals come ashore to lay on the beach and rocks. Harbor seal’s flippers are very flexible. Harbor seals do not often use their front flippers to swim. Harbor seals are warm blooded. Their mouth is close to their nose.

Harbor seals babies are called pups. The babies are born alive. They can have one baby at a time. Their mother feeds them rich milk so they grow blubber quickly. The blubber keeps them warm in the ocean.

Harbor seals eat eels, squids, fish, octopi, and lobsters. Seals don’t chew their food. Harbor seals can crush shells with their flat back teeth. Harbor seals are carnivores.

Harbor seals live mostly in California. They live in cold water off the coast.

Harbor seal’s predators are killer whales, polar bears, sharks, stellar sea lions, walruses, and eagles eat their babies.


Why is the ocean blue?
The ocean reflects the blue sky.

How many oceans are there in the world
There is only one ocean in the world.

What are the main "oceans" called?
Arctic, Atlantic, Indian,Pacific,Southern

What is a sea?
A sea is like a little ocean with some land around it.

Why is the ocean salty?
The salt is from rocks and soil that has washed into the ocean.