Hi. My name is Christian. I am learning about the great white shark. Welcome to my page.


A Great White Shark

The great white shark
swam after all the animals
in the Atlantic Ocean
at midnight
because he was hungry.

By Christian H.


The Great White Shark

By Christian H.
Great White sharks are 12-16 feet long and weigh 7,000 pounds. Females are larger than males. They are blue, white, and gray. Their gray color blends in with the dark water. Great white sharks have 3,000 teeth. As soon as one falls out another one grows in immediately. Great Whites usually live 30-100 years.

Great white sharks are carnivores. They eat fish, rays, other sharks, sea lions, seals and belugas. They can live on a big meal for two months.

Great white’s predators are humans.

Females have one baby at a time. Once they
are born they leave their mother. They are five feet long at birth. Once they are born, they leave their mother.

Great whites live in 54-75 F. They live in
South Africa and the Caribbean.

Great Whites usually swim by themselves but may swim with one other shark.

Why is the ocean blue?
The ocean reflects the blue sky.

How many oceans are there in the world?
There is only one ocean the world.
What are the main "oceans" called?
Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific,Southern

What is a sea?
A sea is like a little ocean with some land around it.

Why is the ocean salty?
The salt is from rocks and soil that has washed into the ocean.