Hi. My name is JessicaSue. I am learning about killer whales. That is the same thing as an Orca. Welcome to my page.

The Orca

A black and white orca
swam and swam to find some food to eat
in the middle of the Arctic Ocean
on a cold, misty, rainy day
because he wanted an adventure while he was looking for dolphins to eat.

By JessicaSue D.

How an Orca Lives

By Jessica Sue D.
Orcas, also know as killer whales, are the largest member of the dolphin family. Sometimes they are known as the “wolves of the sea”. They weigh between 8,000 - 12,000 pounds. The males are bigger than the females. They are 27-33 feet long. Killer whales are very shiny. They are black and white in color. They are mostly black with white spots. Some Orcas are different than others. They can live up to 30-50 years old.

They have a dorsal fin three to six feet long. To keep warm, orcas have a lot of blubber.

The top predator of the sea is the Orca. Did you know that the sharks prey on older, younger, or ill killer whales?

Orcas eat seal, squid, penguin, fish, dolphins and other whales. Orcas live and hunt in pods to herd fish. They are carnivores. Orcas have 45 teeth that are each 3 inches long. They swallow animals whole. Did you know that orca moms have baby every 3-10 years after 17 months? The babies weigh 400 pounds. They are 8 feet long. The babies are called calves.

Did you know that Orcas have very, very good eye sight?

Why is the ocean blue?
The ocean reflects the blue sky.

How many oceans are there in the world?
There is only one ocean in the world.

What are the main "oceans" called?
Artic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Southern

What is a sea?
A sea is like a little ocean with some land around it.

Why is the ocean salty?
The salt is from rocks and soil that has washed into the ocean.